Finland calls for more gas pipeline impact studies

Publish date: May 22, 2007

Finland demands more information about possible environmental impacts of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which is to run through the Baltic Sea. Finnish authorities would also like to see changes in the pipeline's proposed route.

“I can say that the information now produced is rather general, and I myself expect further examinations of specific questions such as what concrete impact the dredging will have on Baltic organisms and the ecosystem” chair of the Finnish parliament’s committee on environmental affairs Susanna Huovinen says.

Finland would like to see the route of the pipeline shifted 15 kilometers south, BarentsObserver reports. The new route would reportedly be safer in view of the seabed topography.

The Nord Stream pipeline will be 1,200 km long and stretch from the Russian city of Vyborg to German Greifswald. The Shtokman field in the Barents Sea is believed to be the main source for the Baltic pipeline.