Murmansk Sea Port plans construction of service terminal for offshore industry

Publish date: September 12, 2006

The Murmansk Sea Trade Port intends to construct a container service terminal for operating on the shelf companies.

Experts from the MS Tekhnologii company believe the terminal could have an annual capacity of 1 million ton and cost about 500,000 million USD. А feasibility study of the terminal project has already been made by MS Tekhnologii on request from the Murmansk Sea Port, BarentsObserver reports.

According to the head of the MS Tekhnologii, Sergey Semyonov, the first part of the terminal could be completed already within 2-3 years. This part of the terminal, which will have an estimated capacity of 300,000 ton per year, can be used for the equipment import for the development of offshore oil and gas fields.

Implementation of the second part of the project will require extra 6 years of construction. This second part will facilitate shipping of goods from Far Eastern countries to the US.