Transneft starts pipeline exploration in Russia’s northwest

Publish date: March 15, 2006

State-owned oil pipeline monopoly Transneft began exploratory work for a new pipeline to link oil-rich parts of Siberia to northwestern Russia.

Exploration is being conducted near the town of Indiga in the northwestern Arkhangelsk Region, where a terminal and a crude storage facility will be built. The pipeline’s capacity is estimated at about 241 barrels per day, and will be over 290 miles long. A feasibility study will be completed in late 2006. Originally the Haryaga-Indiga pipeline was seen as the first phase of a larger Western Siberia-Murmansk oil pipeline to pump oil from Western Siberia to Murmansk, a permanently ice-free port on the Barents Sea, for trans-shipment to Europe and the United States. Later, however, Transneft decided that it would be a separate pipeline, RIA Novosti reported.