Bellona at COP24

Publish date: December 3, 2018

COP24 has started in Katowice, Poland. Bellona is presenting important solutions for the world facing potential catastrophic climate change.

Bellona is present with several events and staff in Katowice.

Date Time Topic Location Bellona involvement
Dec 5 12.15-13.15 Zero emission construction sites Nordic pavilion Co-organiser and speaker
Dec 6 12.15-14.15 Marine biomass Nordic pavilion Speaker
Dec 6 15.00-16.30 Industry decarbonisation Warmia. (Official UN side event) Co-organiser and moderator
Dec 12 16.30-18.00 CCS-demystifying negative emissions EU pavilion. Room Brussels Co-organiser and speaker
Dec 14 10.30-12.00 Empowered citizens and cities driving the energy transition EU pavilion Co-organiser and speaker


Bellona staff participates in several ways in Katowice. They are present the following weeks:

Week 49:

Olav Øye, Coordinator and Senior Adviser, CO2 capture and storage,

Jonas Helseth, Director Bellona Europa,

Anders Karlsson-Drangsholt, Senior Adviser Aquaculture,

Christian Eriksen, Senior Adviser Energy,

Jan-Justus Andreas, Policy Manager Industry Bellona Europa,

Week 50:

Keith Whiriskey, Deputy Director, Bellona Europa,

Teodora Serafimova, Policy Manager Electro-Mobility,

Mark Preston Aragonès, Policy Assistant Electro-Mobility, Bellona Europa,