Sergei Mitrokhin protests construction in Moscow

Publish date: August 10, 2007

MOSCOW- Sergei Mintrokhin, a Yabloko lawmaker with the Moscow City Duma and former parliamentarian, has demanded that Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov stop construction in the city and that the head of city construction for the capital, first vice-mayor Vladimir Resip, resign.

The city authorities’ actions in the Moscow region of Kuntstevo on Academic Pavlov Street, where forest area is being chopped down in order to build a multi-story living complex, were the main reasons why Mintrokhin decided to take such steps. A fight broke out on July 19th between local residents and the construction workers who were trying to fence off the construction site.

In a conversation with a correspondent from the radio station Echo Moskvi, Mintrokhin said that “an enormous group of people arrived at Academic Pavlov Street: construction workers, the militsiya and employees from private security companies, a few of which were armed with pistols. They destroyed the cars that the local residents had set up to block the road for the construction workers in what turned out to be a real seizure of the courtyard territory. Meanwhile, the militsiya took the aggressors’ side rather than counteract these lawless acts.