Bellona has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Port of Oslo

OsloHavn_Bellona The Port of Oslo and Bellona will work together for more sustainable maritime sector. Roger Schjerva, Chairman of the Board of Oslo Harbor KF and Frederic Hauge, Managing Director of Bellona, look forward to the cooperation. Photo: Bellona.

Oslo Harbor KF has signed a cooperation agreement with the Bellona Foundation. Bellona will partner up with the Port of Oslo to make the port emission-free, and will distribute the lessons learned from this project with the international community, allowing others to follow Oslo’s example.   

Both the municipality of Oslo and the Port of Oslo have an ambitious plan to become the world’s first emission-free port. Emissions in the port will be reduced by 85% by 2030 and gradually continue until it reaches zero-emissions.  

The Port of Oslo is in full swing with the green transition, and has begun the phasing in of emissions-free solutions. It is enthusiastic about working alongside the Bellona Foundation and exchanging ideas and solutions with Bellona’s network of environmental experts and organizations. Maritime transport and urban ports are crucial in reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector, says chairman Roger Schjerva. 

The ports are crucial to the organization of green shipping and more efficient transport systems. A collaboration with the Port of Oslo opens up the possibility to look more closely at how to increase the electrification of the maritime sector and the transfer of goods from road to sea. The solutions we use in the Port of Oslo and the knowledge gained from them, must be shared nationally and internationally, so that they can be quickly scaled up, says Frederic Hauge, Founder & CEO of Bellona. 

Bellona will contribute at Green Port Cruise & Congress 15th – 18th October where hundreds of environmentally conscious ports and professionals from around the world will gather in the 2019 Green Capital Oslo to discuss sustainable and energy-efficient logistics solutions. The conference is an arena for creating excitement for the furthering of environmental initiatives, greener ports and influencing decision makers in the right direction. 

A Bellona forum is also planned with the topic of transport of goods from road to sea.