Will Bellona’s “My Climate Plan” climate app emerge victorious?

Ill.: Gerilja

Publish date: June 28, 2012

Written by: Andreas Kokkvoll Tveit

Translated by: Charles Digges

Tonight, the winner of the World Bank's major climate app contest is to be decided. Henrik Lund Bellona’s head of institutional relations is present at the awards ceremony in Washington, DC and crossing his fingers that Bellona's contribution will be victorious.

During this year’s Bellona Conference on May 24, Norway’s first climate-app, “My Climate Plan, was launched.

The week it became clear that it would be nominated as a finalist in the World Bank’s big “Apps for the Climate” competition.

You can try the app at or download the app for iPad at Tunes/AppStore.

The decision will be annonced at nearly midnight Oslo time, 6:00pm in Washington, DC. Bellona’s Lund will be waiting in anticipation to see if Bellona’s app wins the big prize.

“It’s a great honor to be selected as a finalist here,”said Lund. “Many useful contributions have been entered in the competition, and we are delighted that our work is appreciated.”

The app was designed by the Oslo agency Guerrilla, made in collaboration with the Energy Norway, Transnova, BKK and Statkraft.

Creating climate commitment

The purpose of “My Climate Plan: is to give people the opportunity to create their own master plan for Norwegian climate policy.

“To get as many on the team in the fight against climate change, we must ensure that people feel that climate policy something understandible,” said Lund. “It is one of the reasons we have made an app that shows where you can cut emissions and what price it will have and how big the effect will be.”

“All must be included,” said Lund.

The application clearly shows that there is no way to aim for  all the cuts in any one given area of society. The The effect on other sectors are tremendous if some sectors protected.

“Within the climate debate, one gets the impression that all the cuts can be implemented in the transport sector or in industry. But to achieve the objectives in the best possible way, all sectors contribute, which is very clearly with Bellona’s new climate plan-app,” said Bellona energy adviser Håvard Lundberg at the app’s May launch.