Joint open letter to Commissioner Breton following his comments on e-mobility

signatories ev letter breton

Stakeholders from the entire e-mobility ecosystem, wrote to Commissioner Breton, expressing their concerns over his recent comments to Brussels media, in which he warned of a “gigantic disruption” to the automotive sector in the face of reinforced car and van CO2 standards.

The letter reminds the Commissioner that:

  1. E-Mobility is necessary to reach EU climate and air quality targets
  2. The transition will create new high-skilled jobs for Europeans
  3. Charging Infrastructure will not be a bottleneck if ambitious targets are set and implemented
  4. Electricity production and the grid can keep up
  5. Raw Materials will be available – if DG GROW acts decisively
  6. EVs emit less CO2 than ICEs across the board
  7. EVs emit less fine particulate matter than ICEs

Read the full letter here.