Canadian SaskPower to attend Bellona’s CCS Forum


During the event, SaskPower will share news from the development of the Boundary Dam Integrated CCS Demonstration Project – a good opportunity for Norwegian stakeholders to learn the actual facts regarding the Canadian CCS progress, which has been heavily debated during the Mongstad hearings in Oslo.

The Bellona Foundation will share the latest CCS relevant development from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP), and touch upon the latest developments regarding the Norwegian CCS program.

The SaskPower Bundary Dam project will produce a net 110 MW of electricity and will be the largest integrated demonstration of CCS at a coal fired power station when it starts operations this spring.

The CCS forum was established as an arena for Norwegian stakeholders to share information and knowledge regarding CCS development. The aim is to provide information about ongoing working processes in the EU and ZEP related to CCS.