Positive CCS test results revealed

The CCS-validation project achieved a successful scale-up of ten times the size of previous field pilots, according to the Cabon Capture Journal.

The main results are:

– Capture rates from 75% (design value) to as high as 90%

– CO2 purity of greater than 99%.

– Energy penalties within a few percent of predictions from Alstom’s process simulation model.

– CO2 injection levels of approximately 7,000 tonnes/month (the equivalent of taking 17,000 cars off the road).

– Robust steady-state operation during all modes of power plant operation including load changes.

– Availability of the CCS system greater than 90%.

Alstom is satisfied with the achievements so far.

– By partnering with American Electric Power, we have been able to advance the technology while at the same time raising awareness of the need for CCS technology to address CO2 emissions from new and existing coal and natural gas power plants,” said Patrick Fragman, Alstom’s VP, Environmental Control Systems & CO2 Capture Systems, in a press release.

Larger-scale phase two

With these results, the formal testing period is completed. This provides further confidence to start phase two, a large-scale demonstration period with the ability to capture up to 1.5 million tonne CO2 per year.

AEP’s Mountaineer plant is a 1,300-megawatt electrical coal-fired unit that was retrofitted in 2009 with Alstom’s patented chilled ammonia CO2– capture technology on a 20 megawatt (MW) portion. The CO2 is being compressed and piped for storage into deep geologic formations, roughly 2.4 kilometer beneath the plant surface.