Greens point to potential for CCS in industry and biofuels

The report sets out a Vision Scenario that achieves 91% emission reduction between 1990 and 2050. This scenario is based on the assumption that the power sector in 2050 will be virtually fully renewable. The scenario only includes CCS for process emissions from steel and cement production, as well as from biofuel plants. CCS on steel and cement will avoid about 180 million tonnes of CO₂ emissions a year by 2050, and CCS for biofuel production will abate 120 million tonnes.

If the scenario had been more ambitious and included CCS for ammonia production (assumed in the scenario to be based on biomass) and for biomass power plants, the carbon-negative potential of CCS would be significantly higher.

Still, the report says ”the preparation of an appropriate and risk-minimized infrastructure for CO₂ transport and storage sites must start in the near future.”