New CCS chemical solvent could save 20 percent energy input

The testing of this new technology began in 2009 at a pilot plant at RWE’s Niederaussem power station near Cologne. The pilot plant is part of the Coal Innovation Center of RWE Power. BASF is testing the newly developed solvents while Linde was responsible for pilot plant engineering and construction.

The companies have issued a press release stating that their tests show that this new solvent can notably reduce energy input and have clearly superior oxygen stability, which reduces solvent consumption significantly.

“We are pleased with this breakthrough, which we have achieved by cooperating closely with BASF and Linde. By enhancing efficiency and accordingly reducing costs, we have created a critical success factor for carbon capture technology, which in our view is key to climate-compatible power generation from coal,” said Dr. Johannes Heithoff, Vice President, Research and Development, RWE Power in a press release.

The partners of this research project are now working towards demonstrating the use of this new solvent in large-scale power plants.

RWE Power has announced that it has already spent about nine million euros in total while the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has contributed about four million euros to date to the cost of the pilot plant.

Read the joint press release here.