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Dramatic climate changes are already taking place, putting people’s health and entire ecosystems in grave danger. To prevent the most dangerous consequences of climate change, we need to eliminate CO2 emissions as quickly as possible.

Emissions reduction

CO2 capture and storage (CCS) is a technology that can reduce emissions from power plants and factories to almost zero, and is thus an important part of the solution in the fight against climate change.

The Bellona Foundation has worked with CCS since the early 1990s, both in Norway and internationally. Bellona is part of the European Technology Platform for Zero
Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants.


"It is important to inform the public about what CCS actually is, and what a magnificent tool it is in the combat against global warming," said Dr. Aage Stangeland, energy advisor at the Bellona Foundation and editor of the CCS Web.

"This technology hardly existed when the Kyoto protocol was negotiated, so when the world’s leaders gather in Copenhagen to strike a new climate deal, it is crucial that large resources are put into implementing CCS technology at new and already existing gas and coal power plants," he said.

What do you want to know?

•    Is underground CO2 storage safe?

•    What are the different opinions on CCS?

•    Are there any CCS projects close to where I live?

•    Can CCS be made mandatory?

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For information about our new website the Bellona CCS Web, or Bellona’s work on CCS, please contact:

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