Hopes for a green future kick off Conference 2008

frontpageingressimage_ingressimage_CC8-gruppebilde-1..jpg Photo: Nils Bøhmer/Bellona

The goal of the conference in Sarpsborg is to hammer out a set of recommendations to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, where the negotiations that started in Bali last December will continue.

The agreement of a lifetime
“The agreement that is expected to be reached in Copenhagen might be the most important agreement of our time,” said Bellona Foundation President Frederic Hauge.

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Club de Madrid members and former prime ministers Gro Harlem Brundtland of Norway and Göran Persson of Sweden, as well as former Chilean president Ricardo Lagos, were among other key-note speakers opening the CC8.

Currently UN’s special envoy on climate questions, Brundtland said the world faces a big challenge that will influence all sides of humanity. She said this will also mean new opportunities for business.

“I am a technology optimist,” said Brundtland.

Persson also focused on technology.

“Yesterday’s technology is a threat,” Persson stressed.

In his speech he told how Sweden replaced oil and coal with biomass with help of taxes and regulations and described the shift as a win-win situation.

Chile’s Lagos, who is the UN’s special climate envoy and president and the co-organiser of the Club de Madrid, thanked the more than 100 participants and stated there is a great need for discussion on the climate issues.