Parliament’s ENVI Committee renames CRCF and introduces vital clarifications to Certification Framework

European Parliament offices European Parliament offices in the Brussels, Belgium. Credit: artjazz

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has taken a significant step in the fight against climate change. The Carbon Removals Certification Framework, spearheaded by MEP Lidia Pereira, has seen substantial improvements, offering clarity and essential safeguards. Activities like Carbon Farming, Carbon Storage in Products, and Carbon Removals are now distinctly defined. With a focus on the long-term storage of atmospheric or biogenic carbon, these changes have broadened the scope, creating a comprehensive carbon accounting Certification Mechanism. While environmental safeguards and the need for further clarification persist, these amendments are pivotal in shaping the future of climate action.

Read the full press release here:CRCF_PR_Oct23_ENVI_Committee