Russian government owes Baltic Plant about $35m for nuclear icebreaker construction

Publish date: March 29, 2007

Alexander Chistov, general director of the Baltic Plant, which completed the construction of the nuclear-powered icebreaker “50 Years of Victory”, said to the journalists that the government owed the company from $30m to $35m for the project.

The Federal budget allocated 2.5 billion rubles in 2003-2005 for the completion of the project. Then in 2005 a supplementary 164 million rubles were allocated in order for the vessel to meet the requirements of Gosatomnadzor. Last year Baltic Plant used its own resources and funds to complete the project.   

According to the Russian President’s recent order regarding the creation of a United Ship-Building Corporation (OSBC), Alexander Chistov does not think that the creation of such a company would reduce the number of orders for the Baltic Plant, pointing out that this year they already plan to implement and transfer two projects for the Rosmorport and  that in May they plan to sign an agreement with a Norwegian company for the construction of two supply vessels, which could possibly lead to order for an entire series of such vessels, St. Petersburg News Firm reported.