CO₂operation Conference

Among other sectors, heavy industry faces significant challenges in transforming and aligning with international and European climate targets. Some 18% of the EU’s emissions originate from the production of basic materials like steel, cement, lime, and chemicals. A substantial part of Europe’s production of these materials takes place in industrial clusters in North-Western Europe. The ARRRA (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr Area) cluster produces 40% of all chemicals in Europe. Steel and cement companies also show a high degree of regional integration. The mutual interdependence of companies operating in the cluster translates into everyday needs and similar emissions reduction challenges.

To act on climate change, fulfil their societal role, and stay competitive in the future, companies in the ARRRA cluster must comply with the net-zero and circularity objectives of the European Green Deal. Given its highly interconnected nature, the cluster needs a renewed joint strategy toward net-zero emissions in 2050 for all sectors. The cross-border nature of some of these industries calls for cross-border government efforts to decarbonise.

This conference will focus on how The Netherlands, Belgium and North Rhine-Westphalia can collaborate to speed up the decarbonisation of the ARRRA cluster; one of the biggest industrial conglomerations in Europe. In the morning, the event will feature discussions on the different industrial decarbonisation policies, the most significant challenges, and how to realise cross-border infrastructure. In the afternoon, we will bring together expert speakers to review different tools to decarbonise industry.

Preliminary Programme

  • 9:30: welcome
  • 9:40: the need for industrial decarbonisation & cross-border collaboration
  • 10:10: Minister’s keynotes
  • 10:40: coffee break
  • 11:10: panel discussion on industrial climate policies
  • 12:30: lunch
  • 13:30: CCU emission accounting
  • 14:15: CCS governance
  • 15:00: coffee break
  • 15.20: hydrogen import economics & the importance of circular economy
  • 16:00: just transition
  • 16:30: drinks
  • 17:30: end

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