Call for experts: Building momentum for the long-term CCS deployment in the CEE region

Deadline: 24th October 2022

Download PDF: Call for experts_CCS4CEE WP5_Bellona


The Building momentum for the long-term CCS deployment in the CEE region project, conducted under the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation, aims to renew the discussion on the long-term deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, leading to the new policies and joint projects. It is expected that building evidence-based consensus among key stakeholders will pave the way to implement concrete policies and ventures to facilitate the deployment of CCS in the region.

During the third and last phase of the project (Work Package 5), project partners are implementing networking and capacity-building activities for CCS deployment for the following countries: Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The output of this work will contribute to translating the findings of Work Package 3 (assessment of current context and opportunities for CCS deployment) and Work Package 4 (roadmap for CCS deployment) and provide input into concrete actions for advancing CCS in the above countries.

Description of the assignment

Bellona Europa is looking for experts to implement networking and capacity-building activities for CCS deployment in Croatia and Slovenia (as two separate contracts and assignments).[1] In particular, experts would build on the national report on the context and opportunities for CCS in the country of assignment and the national roadmap for CCS deployment in the country of assignment (an output of Work Package 4 and 5 respectively, which will be sent to selected experts upon confirmation of their assignment) to disseminate the findings of the project and engage the relevant actors in order to advance CCS deployment in the country of assignment.

The main tasks of the expert are as follows:

  • Write and publish a summary of the main project findings for the country of assignment, following guidance from Bellona Europa;
  • Conduct networking and capacity-building activities for relevant stakeholders, including two national expert workshops, following guidance from Bellona Europa;
  • Participate in external activities and events of the CCS4CEE project, following guidance from Bellona Europa.

The networking and capacity-building activities should contribute to achieving a minimum of two key outcomes of the CCS4CEE project. These include official involvement in the legislative process or consultations; bilateral meetings with representatives of national authorities; facilitation of national, regional or transnational initiatives on CCS; contribution to external events; collection and communication of suggestions and proposals from stakeholders on CCS initiatives; and letters of intent from different target groups on developing national and/or transnational pilot projects on CCS.

Each selected expert will receive detailed templates for all required written outputs, as well as guidance for conducting all networking and capacity-building activities. Draft written outputs and the design of activities will be reviewed internally by Bellona Europa and the experts will be expected to consider this feedback. The experts will actively participate in associated webinars and events, in addition to those organized by them in the country of assignment.

More specifically, the successful expert will conduct the following tasks.

  1. Write and publish a short summary of project findings for the country in the local language (est. around 10 pages in length), based on the WP3 report and WP4 roadmap published in the CCS4CEE project. A template will be provided, by end November 2022 or soon thereafter.
    1. Tentative deadline: end of February 2023.
  2. Conduct two national workshops (approx. 15 participants each).
    1. Suggested timeframes: January-March 2023 (first workshop), April-June 2023 (second workshop).
    2. The workshop agendas will depend on the specificities of the national CCS outlook but could cover: problem-solving for activities mentioned in the roadmap, recent updates and research in the field, experience sharing, promoting stakeholder cooperation, external speakers (in agreement with Bellona Europa).
    3. Workshop participants should be representatives of authorities, companies, academic institutions, NGOs and, if possible, other stakeholders relevant to CCS. We will share information about previous workshop participants with the selected experts.
    4. The relationship between the two workshops is flexible and the expert is free to suggest the best approach to be then agreed with Bellona Europa. The second workshop could be a follow-up from the first, or they could tackle parallel topics.
    5. Some of the networking and capacity-building activities may be conducted online, following discussion with Bellona Europa.
    6. Evidence of the workshop will be required, e.g. recordings, photos, meeting minutes, etc.
  3. Conduct continuous communication with workshop participants and provide input into newsletters.
    1. Experts will be regularly asked to collect and provide relevant information on CCS in the country to the project coordinators.
    2. Experts are encouraged to develop other communication activities to ensure the continuity of project/workshop results. In order to contribute to the project’s key indicators, we expect some of these activities to be in the form of collecting suggestions from stakeholders on deploying regional or transnational initiatives; collecting letters of intent from stakeholders on developing CCS projects; organizing transnational activities such as bilateral meetings between the competent authorities of neighboring countries.
  4. Organize at least one meeting with national policymakers, broadly on their position on CCS and necessary steps for its development in the country.
    1. The meeting should include time for the experts to put forward their legislative and policy recommendations for CCS, based on the findings of the WP4 roadmap.
    2. Meeting minutes and feedback from policymakers will be required.
  5. Other tasks. We expect that additional tasks will emerge as our coordinators develop the framework for this phase of the project. Unfortunately, we do not have enough visibility on the final framework to give further details. At the moment, these might include:
    1. Responding to national consultations on CCS (if available)
    2. Supporting events on CCS organized by national or local government or other stakeholders
    3. (If relevant and available) engaging in regional CCS initiatives, events or studies
    4. Participating in the CCS4CEE project events (at least 2 international events: 1-day seminar in Brussels and study trip to Norway, both in 2023), subject to availability of travel budget.

Bellona Europa will provide continuous support to the experts in delivering these tasks.

Indicative timeline of the assignment

01 November 2022 – 30th September 2023

Please note that the indicated period includes the finalization of all above activities, including any relevant feedback rounds with Bellona Europa.

Indicative budget for the assignment

Based on the workload and depending on expert’s experience, the contract (per one country of assignment) is estimated to amount
up to 13 500 EUR (gross, including all applicable taxes and contributions[2]).

Note that the project has budget reserved for printing and event (venue and catering) costs. We are currently discussing travel budget for experts to attend international project events. These budgets would be independent of the budget for this assignment.

Where not otherwise mentioned, the deadline for the tasks is the end of the assignment (30th September 2023).

Expert selection process

Please send your CV and price offer, as well as brief note outlining your suitability for the role, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and no later than October 24th to Michał Wendołowski at Applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis. We may organize a call to further discuss the assignment and your suitability for the role. Upon selection of the expert, Bellona Europa will send any relevant templates and instructions for delivery of the above tasks.

We are open to applications from individual people, groups of people as well as institutions – for collective applications, the overall experience in the CVs sent will be assessed. Please ensure that you include all experts who will be contributing to this task.

The final selection of experts will be made according to the following criteria:

  • 30% – proposed price;
  • 35% – CCS or comparable experience (e.g., oil and gas, carbon capture, energy-intensive industries);
  • 45% – wider experience documented in the CV (events design and management, stakeholder engagement, report-writing, capacity for independent working).

[1] Experts may apply for one or both assignments. In case of the latter, please send two separate applications.

[2] Please note that if your organization is VAT registered, the contract value (maximum 13 500 EUR) is also inclusive of any payable VAT by your organization.



Download here:

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