Carbon Capture and Storage

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To continue its effort and ensure rapid deployment of environmentally sound CCS, Bellona runs the Bellona Environmental CCS Team - BEST, a partnership with leading European energy and technology companies to accelerate the deployment of environmentally sound CCS, and to contribute significantly to make CCS a commercially available technology by 2020.

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Jonas Helseth

  • Director, Bellona Europa
  • +32 (0) 494 53 58 21

Jonas Helseth is the Director of Bellona Europa, the EU policy office of the Bellona Foundation, and leads the foundation’s work on CCS. Helseth joined Bellona in 2010, coming from a position as Advisor to the Mission of Norway to the EU on energy and transport policies. He holds several leadership positions within the EU Technology Platform for CCS (Zero Emissions Platform, ZEP), chairing the Taskforces for Policy & Regulation and Bio-CCS respectively. Helseth also leads ZEP’s work on CCS in Energy-Intensive Industries (steel, cement, chemicals and refineries), a topic rapidly growing in political importance in Europe and globally.