European parliamentarians recognise CCS significance

EEA_JPC Photo: European Union

The Committee, which is an advisory body that comprises members of the national parliaments of the EEA EFTA States (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and Members of the European Parliament, meets twice a year to discuss issues relevant to the cooperation between the two sides. It expresses its views in form of resolutions addressed to the EEA institutions, to the European Parliament and to the parliaments of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The adopted resolution underlines the importance for the EEA EFTA states to engage with the EU in the entire process of elaborating the 2030 climate and energy framework.

CCS is among the issues specifically highlighted by the Committee in the resolution. It acknowledges that fossil fuels will continue to be part of the future energy mix. Therefore, “[t]echnologies to capture and safely store CO2 will be needed in order to help meeting climate policy targets”. The signals from the Commission on financial support for CCS after 2020 are thus welcomed.

Moreover, the Committee welcomes the proposed 40 % emissions reduction below 1990 levels, an increased share of renewable energy and high energy efficiency ambitions both at EU and national level.

The resolution can be found here.