Bellona starts working on CCS Roadmap for Ukraine

frontpageingressimage_1_1_3RTEmagicC_transportation_01-1..png Photo: Bellona

The Bellona CCS team has previously presented CCS roadmaps for Poland, Hungary, and Greece. The most recent report for Romania is currently being finalised and will be available shortly.

The roadmap will detail and assess the capture, transport and storage of CO2 in Ukraine, while implementing CCS into detailed energy scenarios. To support the development of the CCS roadmap, a working group will be established with national CCS stakeholders including public agencies, business, research institutions and international partners. Bellona is partnering with the Ukrainian NGO Centre for CSR Development for the development of the roadmap.

“We are excited about the prospects of studying the options for CCS deployment in the Ukraine”, says Paal Frisvold, chairman of Bellona Europa. “In a carbon constrained world, Ukraine must prepare for the new low carbon emitting economy”, he explains.

The roadmap will present different scenarios and trajectories for the country’s energy mix, with resulting data for CO2 emissions avoided and an assessment of the economic viability of CCS compared to non-CCS scenarios. A sensitivity analysis will be presented for all the cases and assumptions adopted by the model.

The CCS Roadmap for Ukraine will be launched and promoted next year, with the aim of helping Ukraine to ensure its independent energy future.