Global CCS Institute publishes its report on CCS status for 2011

Through the Institute’s annual projects survey 74 large-scale integrated CCS projects were identified around the world, 14 of which are either operating or under construction. The total CO2 storage capacity of these 14 projects is over 33 million tonnes a year. The report states that progress is being made on CCS globally. The number of CCS projects in operation or under construction is growing and is likely to continue to grow.

“Over the last year there has been good progress, with more projects entering construction and a clustering of projects in advanced stages of development planning,” said Institute CEO Brad Page. “It is encouraging that if this rate of progress holds steady, we will likely have 20 large-scale integrated demonstration projects operational by 2020, which has been the international community’s goal.”

The development of CCS laws and regulations has continued at a reasonable pace with a number of jurisdictions completing framework legislation and commencing implementation of secondary regulations and guidance – the report states.

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