Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner says CCS is the key to cut CO2 emissions in China

EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that in order to support China’s fight against climate change, the European Union need to share know-how on CO2 capture and storage (CCS).

“It is crucial to put CCS for China on the top of the political agenda”, says Eivind Hoff of Bellona Europa. “The deployment of CCS in China as an instrument to cut CO2 emissions need to start further rather than later, and concerns about intellectual property rights cannot be allowed to be a barrier in this endeavour,” he underscored.     

The importance of a quick deployment of CCS in China was also highlighted earlier this month at the second meeting of the EU-China High Level Trade and Economic Dialogue (HED), between the European Commission and the Chinese government. During the meeting, both parties recommitted to build a coal-fired power plant with CO2 capture and storage by 2020.