Coalition urges EU ministers to stimulate CCS

Other supporting organisations who signed the open letter include owner plant manufacturer Alstom, the utility companies Vattenfall and Fortum, the environmental foundation E3G, the oil company Shell, the research institute SINTEF and the investment banking group Climate Change Capital.

The letter restates the message from a press release of May 27th 2008 of the CCS Leadership Coalition, founded by i.a. Bellona.

“Global energy forecasts which limit global warming to 2°C are based on large-scale deployment of CCS starting in 2015-2020. By 2050 fossil fuel power plants throughout the world will generally have to operate with CCS. Europe must play a leading role in this,” the open letter reads.

To provide financial incentives for demonstration plants, the organisations call for a project demonstration mechanism whereby “industrial actors operating CCS demonstration projects would obtain allowances for the full chain of capture, transport and verified storage of CO2 that would be traded” in the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).

Such a scheme has been proposed by the European Parliament rapporteur on the revision of the ETS directive, Avril Doyle and is currently being debated in the institution. The scheme can be viewed on the European Parliament web site here.

However, to be adopted, the scheme would also need to be supported by EU governments, who are expected to discuss this possibility at their meeting in Paris later this week.