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Collaborate, Accelerate, and Scale: Bellona’s programme at COP27

COP27 this November is about collaboration, accelerating and scaling up climate solutions that are critical to keep the 1.5-degree target alive. Many solutions are available but not yet moving the needle.  At our pavilion in Sharm El-Sheik, the emphasis is on accelerating development of climate solutions and scaling up rapidly.   Monday, 7 November 15.30 […]

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“Енергетичний&Кліматичний Діалог. Україна: Декарбонізація і зростання економіки”

3-й Форум  “Енергетичний&Кліматичний Діалог.  Україна: Декарбонізація і зростання економіки” 14 квітня 2016 року 9.00 – 18.00 Торгово-промислова палата, зал Колізей м.Київ, вул.Велика Житомирська, 33  2015 рік був найспекотнішим з початку реєстрації даних[1], з температурою на 0.76±0.1° Цельсія вище, ніж середня температура за 1961-1990 роки. У цьому ж році уряди країн з усього світу поставили амбітну […]

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Waters of the Barents Sea and Kola Bay remain officially ‘dirty’ thanks to local industrial negligence

MURMANSK – The prime fishing waters of the Barents Sea and Kola Bay are being negatively impacted by industry, shipping traffic and other man-made influence and the Bay has been declared “dirty” by Russian scientific authorities. The murky waters are also threatening the health of the population of Murmansk, which is the largest city in […]

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Spent nuclear fuel unloaded from decommissioned icebreaker service ship fills 50 containers

MURMANSK – Russia’s icebreaker port Atomflot has unloaded the second most dangerous parcel of spent nuclear fuel from the holds of the decommissioned nuclear service vessel Lotta. The load of spent fuel, which spans 50 containers, is currently in on-shore storage. The pace of the Lotta’s dismantlement seems to be keeping pace with a promise […]

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No radioactive contamination from sunken subs in Barents Sea, say experts, but conditions must be monitored

MURMANSK – Russian and Norwegian scientists have tallied up 20 years of radiation studies in the Barents Sea, Kola Bay, as well as results of algae, sediments and other biological samples taken from the Novaya Zemlya Peninsula, Sayda Bay and Andreyeva Bay. The work has put a special focus on the K-27 nuclear submarine, which […]

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Cautious optimism among supporters that Vitishko may be released early

A regional court in the Tambov Region of Russia has delayed a hearing on a petition that could free jailed environmentalist Yevgeny Vitishko until the end of the month, but his colleagues and other ecologists are cautiously optimistic he could be freed. In February 2014, during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Vitishko was sentenced to […]

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BP and Gulf States agree to $18.7 billion damage settlement, but will it make the region ‘whole?’

NEW ORLEANS –The federal government and Gulf Coast states have reached an $18.7 billion settlement agreement with the oil company BP for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which unleashed an 87-day gusher of crude and fouled the Gulf’s waters with 4.9 million barrels of oil. The agreement sets the stage […]

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Hurricane season brings fears of massive Deepwater Horizon oiling in Gulf of Mexico

MOBILE, Alabama – An Alabama chemist is warning Gulf of Mexico residents that future hurricanes could bring Deepwater Horizon oil and dispersant inland via storm surges and heavy rains, and pose even bigger environmental threats and health risks than the initial spill in 2010. “We’re waiting for the next big storm, and we don’t know […]

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