CCS is not one technology but several which are best considered as climate infrastructure allowing for the removal of CO2 emissions. It entails capturing CO2 from a point source, separating the CO2 from other emissions, compressing and transporting the CO2 via pipeline or ship to an on- or offshore storage site where it will be permanently stored.

Figure 5 Carbon capture and storage (CCS) Credit: Prosjektlab

The CO2 is captured from power or industrial facilities. Emissions from these plants are not only CO2, but also harmless steam and nitrogen. Instead of emitting the CO2 to the atmosphere, the flue gas from the power plant goes directly to large tanks where the CO2 is separated from these other components. The CO2 is then ready to be transported by ship or pipeline to a safe storage site. Storage of CO2 takes place deep underground in special geological formations where the CO2 remains safely deposited.