Our current projects are: Sahara Forest Project, Ocean Forest and Rensea.

Sahara Forest Project


The Sahara Forest Project AS aims to create innovative environmental solutions to food, water and energy shortages in desert conditions. The company’s technologies are creating arable land in some of the world’s hottest places. The Bellona Foundation holds shares in the SFP.

Ocean Forest

The Ocean Forest Project is a partnership between the Bellona Foundation and the Lerøy group. It aims to develop and establish new forms of biomass production tied to aquaculture, while at the same time finding solutions to the environmental impacts of aquaculture industry such as fish farming. The company will cooperate with a wide specter of researchers and technology providers to reduce the costs of biomass production at sea, as well as to develop products for food, feed, energy and raw materials for industry and agriculture.



RENSEA ehf. was established in 2015 as a result of a development project initiated in 2011 by several Nordic partners. In this project a maritime battery and a complete “regenerative plug-in hybrid-electric” driveline was developed and installed in the pioneer ship Opal. Since summer 2015 the system in Opal has been tested, improved and fine-tuned