Runa Haug Khoury

Runa Haug Khoury

Senior Adviser, Energy and climate (on leave)
+47 469 32 494

Runa is an economist (MSc) from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. She also holds an MSc in environmental politics and planning from the London School of Economics (LSE). Runa has since 2005 worked on analysis and strategic advice within the Nordic, European and global energy contexts, primarily focusing on power markets and renewable energy. In Bellona Runa works as a Senior Adviser, Energy and Industry. Central focus areas include: green innovation and growth within the power intensive industry (tradtional + new); increased electrification; further development of Norway’s renewable energy industry; reduced petroleum dependence within the overall Norwegian economy. Runa has previously worked for Econ Pöyry, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and Gemserv Ltd.


  • Runa Haug Khoury

Photo by: Daniel Sannum Lauten