CO2 capture and storage: Key to reduce emissions and ensure energy independence in Poland

Insuring Energy Independance - A CCS Roadmap for Poland
Photo: Marek Zaborowski
Bellona is launching a CCS Roadmap for Poland, a policy tool for policy makers that outlines how deploying CCS in Poland would serve as an insurance against any possible future EU climate policy as well as a bridge ensuring Poland’s energy independence until 2050 when a truly sustainable energy production system would be in place. Anne Karin Saether, Jan Havlik, 24/03-2011

Poland faces serious unanswered questions about its future energy security and economic health in the face of future EU climate and energy policy, making it increasingly expensive to emit CO2.

Bellona’s roadmap "Insuring Energy Independance - A CCS Roadmap for Poland" presents energy scenarios for Poland up to 2050 based on the Polish government’s energy plans.

“Our scenarios show that CCS can help Poland ensure its independent energy future no matter the scope and impact of future EU climate and energy policies. Furthermore, the roadmap allows Poland to choose any fuel mix while still maintaining competitiveness,” says Erlend Fjøsna, Programme Director in Bellona Environmental CCS Team (BEST).

Poland’s electricity production is among the most carbon-intensive in Europe, with almost 90% of the electricity produced from coal and lignite. The country’s power plants are old and will require almost total replacement in the coming years. This gives great opportunities for deployment of CCS technology. If CCS starts to be deployed large scale at around 2020, CO2 emissions from the utility sector can be reduced from expected 250 million tons per year in 2050 to 25 million tons.

The President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, writes this in the foreword of the roadmap:

"I very warmly welcome this CCS Roadmap by the Bellona Foundation. It very clearly shows that CO2 Capture and Storage can play an important, if not vital, role in the months and years ahead as Poland continues to develop its policies to help us achieve a secure, competitive and sustainable energy future.”

The Bellona Foundation will now open its Bellona Polska office in Krakow, to continue its work on Polish energy issues. “Bellona strived to ensure,” says Marek Zaborowski from Bellona Polska, “that this roadmap becomes a useful tool for Polish decision makers. It is a fact-based document that clearly shows that whatever fuel mix, whatever energy system parameters for Poland, there is a strong case for CCS. Poland has the expertise and almost ideal conditions, not mentioning the huge climate benefit.”

Bellona’s Environmental CCS Team (BEST) is presenting a series of roadmaps for CCS for European countries, and the Polish roadmap is the second so far, following a roadmap for Greece.

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